Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Most Adorable Children's Book Ever

I found the cutest book at Home Sense. It has no words, just illustrations. It is so unbelievably adorable, it actually makes me cry. I've flipped through the book three times. I cried three times. I'm such a sap. And those tears only cost me $0.70. LOVE the bargain section at Home Sense.

The book is called South by Patrick McDonnell. It's about a little bird, who falls asleep under a tree. He doesn't notice when his friends and family head off to begin their flight south. He wakes up, panics, and asks a cat for help. The pictures illustrate the friendship between the two, as the cat takes the little bird on a journey to find his friends. Charmingly simple and old fashioned. I'm completely in love.

I'll resist the urge to post the book in its entirety. 

The End


  1. I figured out the name of the comics that these characters are from! "Mutts" by Patrick McDonnell:

    If only $0.70 was all we spent at Home Sense, then a cart would definitely have not been required...

  2. Ah yes! Mutts! Good find! And featured in the Toronto Star I think.


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