Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY Laminate Flooring Installation

I got to experience how to put down new laminate flooring. If this was my forever home, I would have used hard wood, but this was a simple upgrade from the old carpet that was there. 

I told them that this was my first time purchasing new flooring. I also told them that I didn't need their installation services. They very briefly looked at me sideways, until I told them that I had an experienced friend who was going to help me with this large task.

Enter James, the knowledgeable handyman. James brought all of his tools which included an his awesome Man Saw. James also brought his incredible friend, Julian, to help. The Man Saw had to stay on the balcony. There was no space inside.

First, the underlay.

And then the process began, one row at a time.

This heavy duty knocking block helped protect the laminate planks while hammering them together.

James did the measuring and cutting. The Man Saw was a tad intimidating and I don't trust my math skills. I still count on my fingers.


Once an end piece was cut to fit the end of a row, the other piece was used to begin a new row.

Slowly but surely, progress was made.

And of course, Bear slept through most of it.

This pull bar (purchased in a laminate flooring kit) was used in tight end spaces, where full swing hammering is impossible without putting a hole in your wall.

This jig saw was used to cut awkward angles, such as the area around baseboard.

Eventually we took a break, ordered a pizza, had a laminate floor picnic and put our beer on James' ingenious laminate coasters.

Bear suddenly decided to join us. Imagine that.

Once all the flooring was done, it was time to install the trim.

I decided to go with door stop trim because I don't really like the look of quarter round. This trim fits nicely with the existing baseboard. Plus, this has a 1/2 inch base, so it easily covers any space that is left between the laminate and baseboards (which didn't need to be removed).

I purchased T moulding to transition from laminate to marble (on a slight angle) and from laminate to carpet. We used an obscene amount of heavy duty adhesive PL9000. Great stuff.

A full day DIY with awesome results.


  1. Congratulations!!!I'm soooo happy to hear that you had fun and learned a lot installing your new flooring...I gotta say it looks AMAZING!!! Great job!! Now sit back and enjoy:-)

  2. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it with all your stuff put back and your DIY projects in place. Where did you put the mirror? The floor looks really close to the colour of my floors...did you get your Swiffer?
    Have fun cleaning! Yay, no vacuum required!

  3. Wow, it looks fantastic indeed!!!

    I love the color and the picture where your cat bear is staring at your friend's pizza... cute :)

    good job and looking forward to the next visit!!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm loving it! Sarah... didn't hang the mirror yet. Need a drill for cement! Tais... CAN'T WAIT for your next visit! :-D


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