Monday, August 30, 2010

Starbucks From Brazil - Obrigado Tais!

A friend of mine has the most beautiful girlfriend who currently lives in Brazil. I love spending time with her when she visits. She is truly special. Well, what a wonderful treat it was to receive a package in the mail containing a Starbuck's Brazilian roast. Oh my heavens. Someone will have to peel me off the ceiling later because I can't stop drinking it. I usually take milk and cream but this lovely cup, I drank black. It was that good. MUITO OBRIGADO TAIS!!!


  1. @Thurkka : That's what friends are for!!! :P

    I'm glad you are enjoying it Laurelle :) I was worried it could get lost along the way though!

  2. It arrived safely! Thank you, again, SO MUCH! I am enjoying a cup as I sit here and type (and avoid doing work)! Obrigago!


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