Thursday, September 16, 2010

Giada de Laurentiis for Target

I am sure many people watch this Italian beauty on the Food Network and adore her. Yes, I know. She’s only a TV personality. I’m sure she has an invisible dream team sweating helping behind the scenes while the cameras capture her beautifully organized and effervescent facade self. It’s Giada’s seemingly effortless illusion ability to be a domestic goddess of home, husband and baby that has me completely mesmerized.

As a celebrity chef, her name alone will probably sell her product line at Target. 

I love her coral and turquoise packaging.


  1. Well, the packaging alone sold you on her products - turquoise and coral!!! Your fav colours...
    How was the coffee and pasta?
    BTW I meant to ask you how much it was to use the UPS service?

  2. They were good! The UPS service was $15. They hold for 3 days, then charge $1 for every additional day. :-)


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