Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chudleigh's Apple Farm = Baking Inspiration

This popular apple farm was packed with visitors last weekend even though it was raining and rather cold. And despite frozen fingers, the day at Chudleigh's was enough to inspire some home baked apple treats.

I went home with 5lbs of Toleman Sweet apples and serious cravings for sweet treats. I made baked apples marsala (found here). Insanely good. They almost feel healthy. Almost.

I also made a triple batch of multi-purpose butter cookie dough from the William Sonoma Food Made Fast series. I used one portion to make a rustic country style brandied apple and dried cherry tart (found here) and froze two disks for future tart endeavours. Gotta love easy and uncomplicated yet delicious recipes. 

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  1. They loook soooooo DELICIOUS..I'm sooo craving your cherry tarts baked with butter crust..yum:-)


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