Tuesday, October 26, 2010

St. Jacob's Market

Drive over an hour for a remarkable farmer's market? You bet.
St. Jacob's is well worth it.

First stop? To fuel up, of course. We didn't even make it past the first vendor. Good thing they were selling pierogies. 

Next stop? To source out the sweets. It took me 1.3 seconds to spot the vendor selling freshly made doughnuts with cinnamon sugar. I must find me one of these lovely doughnut fryers!

Again, I am glad this place is not within walking distance. It could prove dangerous to my backside. Post gluttonous doughnut behaviour, we set out to shop the produce. I

After making two trips to the car with food, we made one last stop in town at The Cake Box. This was our third "pit stop" for sweets. I must learn some restraint! This little shop is adorable.

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  1. Good food, good day, good company...time well spent! Thanks...
    FYI - I left the Zube Tubes in my trunk. Subsequently, my son could hear them. I told him I didn't hear anything. He replied, "Mommy, you just have selective hearing."


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