Sunday, January 2, 2011

All Things Awesome

Happy New Year! A friend of mine gave me "The Book of Awesome" several months back and it has inspired me to really appreciate and be grateful for all the little things. With the arrival of the new year, one of my personal goals is to slow down, destress, and enjoy the beauty in the simplest of things more often.

One small example of "awesome" is when a friend comes over to share an incredible bottle of 2006 Masi Corbec! Yum!

My Top 11 Awesome Moments

1. Feeling festive when I see the first few houses put up their Christmas wreaths and lights.

2. Spotting the first new green buds that appear on the trees in the spring.

3. Turning the wall calendar page and, equally awesome, starting a fresh new journal.

4. Taking the first sip of coffee in the morning.

5. Finding a prime parking spot with no effort on a busy day.

6. The smell of fireplace.

7. The first bite of dessert.

8. Giving yourself a manicure and using your awkward hand perfectly.

9. Great little uplifting conversations with strangers while out running mundane errands.

10. The congratulations hug when you get all giddy hearing someone's fantastic news.

11. The long thank you hug when you feel tremendous gratitude and appreciation and words just can't express it. 

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