Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sandbanks Beach, Prince Edward County

I just spent a beautiful weekend celebrating Michael's 35th birthday in Prince Edward County. The weekend entailed a private limo-driven wine tour, a beach house rental, and absolutely gorgeous views.  Linda over at Seaside Style also posted about her beach getaway to celebrate her husband's birthday. While she was wishing it would cool down from the 90 degree heat, I had our fireplace running all night to keep warm. Even though I'd trade the cold for the heat in a heartbeat, there is something unbelievably cozy about combining the beach with toasty fireplaces, cozy knits, and a glass of cab. My camera only emerged for the scenic shots. During the tour, our guide, Gilles, kept our hands full with a tasting or four of vino. Good man.

This photo was taken on our beach house back deck. Gorgeous!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention! Happy Bday to your hubby! Pretty photos! Looks beautiful there! Have a great day!



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