Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Scarves

Lightweight summer scarves are so effortless, airy and beautiful. I sometimes feel claustrophobic with a heavy scarf especially if it is tightly wrapped around my neck but enjoy the feel of the lighter summer version. And I appreciate the warmth on cool summer evenings. They make a wonderful accessory too. I often tie one on the handle of my purse for a pop of colour. I found an amazing video from Wendy's Lookbook detailing many ways to wear a scarf.

2 and 3. Roxy via Swell
4. J Crew
6 and 7. BCBG

images via Pinterest


  1. Hi Laurell, I'm looking for a spring/summer scarf so this is the perfect post for me:) Some lovely ideas here! Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I'm addicted to scarves as they definitely transform an outfit. I love your summer selection here. I'm pleased to have stumbled across your lovely blog and I enjoyed your previous post on mood boards too. Delighted to be following along now.


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