Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tropical Plants and Palm Fronds in Vases

I love tropical plants and we do have a few around the house. I also love the simplicity of single palm fronds in vases - a bit of lush greenery without having an entire plant. With our harsh winters and the fact that our future beach house is still in the pre-planning stages, I am enjoying the faux palm version from Pottery Barn, on sale for $3.07 each. I'd say they look real... except that you can see that there is no water in the vase! I suppose I need opaque vases.

Decor Pad

Coastal Living

Traditional Home

House of Turquoise

House Beautiful


  1. The single palm frond in a vase looks so striking and adds just enough greenery.
    PS It was a lovely surprise to see that you are my new follower. Thank you.

  2. LOVE the Traditional Home room! Gorgeous photos:) Thanks for sharing and thank YOU so much for visiting today. I hope you've been enjoying your weekend! xxleslie

    (I signed up to receive your posts via email:)

  3. Love this idea - I'm always decorating with tropical leaves & flowers.



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