Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Little Bit of Life Lately... A Story of Cat Love

About three weeks ago, Michael was alerted to a kerfuffle on our front porch. There stood two stray cats, immersed in an intense territorial show down. To make a long story short, after offering these two little souls some love, comfort, and food, they both decided to make our home theirs, albeit not without some tension. We took both of them to our vet (one at a time) to have their health looked after and to be neutered. We have sheltered them in our home on the main floor while keeping both of them separate from each other and allowing them the freedom to roam outdoors. We've also kept them away from our other cat (Tammy) who prefers the solitude of upstairs. It has been a mission. There are pet beds and bowls everywhere, 3 separate litter boxes in three different rooms, and huge pieces of plywood acting as barricades in doorways. It has been a little lot bit of cat craziness here. But it has all been worth every penny and every second to see them relax and feel joy. It melts our hearts.

This is Roo. He has a broken ear from living on the streets for over 10 years. Despite spending a decade having to survive in the outdoors, every bone in his little body is pure gentleness. He doesn't bite or scratch. He radiates love.

He's enjoying peaceful sleeps and a lot of love.

This is Boots, a handsome black cat with white paws and whiskers. He's young and full of spirit. He loves our adirondack chairs on the porch.

He has taken to my favourite Cynthia Rowley turquoise ruffled throw.

And this is Tammy, who has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She takes 5 pills daily for her heart yet offers us purrs and love every day. Every time she eats, she gets food EVERY WHERE. So cute.

Animals have a way of setting your heart free and your priorities straight.

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