Friday, July 5, 2013

Recovering Chairs - Coastal Style

It has been a hectic few weeks (ongoing renos, having no internet, a visit to emerge with Tammy, work madness) but I am thrilled to be back to being creative. I recently recovered the chairs in our dining nook. This heavy duty striped outdoor fabric is not only durable, but adds beautiful colour and a fresh coastal feel.

First, I had to remove the old blah fabric. Each chair required the removal of 68+ (!?!?!) staples. Most frustrating. I used a flat screw driver and occasionally pliers to pry out each staple. This took forever. I am just going to be real and shamelessly post a photo of the decade old, cat destroyed fabric below.

Then I lined up the original seat board and foam on my striped fabric, planning how I wanted the stripes to appear on the chair. I cut all the new fabric, using the old fabric piece as a guideline. I also wanted to ensure the stripes were the same on every chair.

I started at one end, and secured it with 3 staples using an electric staple gun. I stretched the opposite end, and added 3 more staples. I then moved on to the sides, stretching and stapling the fabric in place. I could have folded over the edges and done a truly neat and tidy job, but after removing over 275 staples from the old fabric, I just wanted it done! And with the least amount of staples possible.

The corners were tucked in and secured with 3 more staples.

This is definitely a great way to brighten up a room.


  1. Nice to see you back. I'm just catching up after my holiday. I love your choice of fabric so fresh and bright. Every time I see blue and white, I'm tempted to redecorate a room!

  2. these look nice to have a fresh change.
    Bec x


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