Monday, October 14, 2013

Learn to Surf... One Day

One day, I intend to surf. My neighbour, Nadia, surfs. My girlfriend's husband is a pro surf instructor. I am surrounded by inspiration so there really is no excuse (except, maybe winter). Yet I haven't tried. It's like Jack Johnson's lyrics, "One day is only two words we say. I don't want to let them get in the way." I've spoken these two words often and had visions slip away. And so, I will don my Roxy t-shirts and pretend until I get over the intimidation factor (and also purchase a bikini that won't fall off when I fly off the surfboard). This is my "one day" commitment. I do intend to surf.

Images above from Swell on Pinterest

Below, a collection of Trent Johnson's (JJ's brother) Alaia surfboards.
Ehukai Designs makes surfboards from reclaimed wood. 

I love surfboards used in interior design.

Carolyn's Desire Empire

House Beautiful

What is the dream that you have been putting off for "one day"? Set the intention!


  1. must be good for spending the whole summer holiday

  2. Lovely images which will no doubt encourage you to surf one day. I would like to go skiing again some time. The last time was a good few years ago when I was living in France.


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