Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Last Few Months...

It has been almost four (!!!) months since I have given some love to my blog. Shortly after my last post in October, Tammy, our little bundle of love needed to move onwards. She enjoyed 16 joyous years - a whole decade more than she was expected to live due to her heart condition. Her soul was always full of spirit. I know she's now dancing with her soulmate, Bear.

Then, Roo had major surgery. He was a stray who had spent more than a decade living on the street in our neighbourhood. His teeth - every one of them - were fractured or damaged. He now doesn't have a single tooth, but he is completely pain free and enjoys slurping up his daily buffet of moist cat food.

As soon as Roo healed, we got a call from the vets. A gorgeous one year old orange kitty who had been living in a ravine was looking for a home. He has a frostbitten ear and a large scar above his left eye, which you can't see in this photo. Of course we'd take him and love him forever. I've officially become the Cat Lady. We named him Kona which means "golden coast."

The holidays were packed with Christmas cheer and celebration. My parents' tree and home during the holidays is always a source of decorating inspiration.

This is our coastal Christmas tree. Not the greatest photo, but it's the only one I can find. I'll have to do better next year. It was gorgeous and this photo doesn't do it justice.

If you are looking for a stunning DIY coastal Christmas decoration, here is what my beautiful friend, Sarah, made for me. I was blown away. She painted the backs of clear decorations (on the inside) with turquoise paint, then inserted our monogram (which was created by my other beautiful friend, Erin, and her husband, Dave) on a transparency. Then, she filled them with sand and shells. They are so gorgeous and beachy, that I want to keep them out all year.

It feels good to be back and to rekindle my creativity!

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  1. So sorry for loss of your beloved cat! It hurts but giving them a great life is important! I love your tree! Looks like the starfish are dancing :)


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