Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coastal Christmas in our New Home

It has been awhile! Since last spring, we renovated a house, sold a house, bought a house, packed, moved, and then unpacked. It has been both exhausting and exhilarating. Now that this house feels like home, I'm ready to refocus on being inspired and creative. I could honestly put up Christmas decorations starting Nov 1st (is that crazy?)... but I wait a little. Here's a glimpse of our coastal Christmas even though I'm drinking candy cane lattes rather than cold Corona.


  1. Would love to know your buying sources, especially the giant clam shell and the ornaments in it.

  2. Hi! The giant clam shell is from the summer collection at Pottery Barn. Most of the coastal ornaments are homemade and I get a lot of my supplies at Michael's craft store. Thanks for stopping by. :-) Happy holidays!

  3. Happy Birthday to you to Laurelle, you have a great memory. I celebrated for 3 days straight & felt thoroughly spoiled. I hope yours was equally indulgent.


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