About Me

My name is Laurelle and I live in Toronto by the lake. At 35, I've learned that life gets better with every passing year. My home would feel empty without the sound of a heartfelt purr. I long for my morning coffee while nestled in the luxury of my bed. I appreciate the printed word - a good book, a good blog, or a glossy magazine. I love my time in the kitchen, and the reward at the end of the fork. I honour my body with exercise, good nutrition, and pretty dresses. I enjoy a good Cali cab, a local Riesling or a homemade lime margarita. My soundtrack is Jack - Hawaiian-born melodies that inspire a vacation state of mind. I am obsessed with anything turquoise and coral. I collect pillows, beautiful cookbooks, and memories. I adore cupcakes and flip flops. I try to appreciate the little things in life, especially when I’ve been taking them for granted. I believe in the power of thought, healthy living, and kindness. Water rejuvenates my soul. The sun warms my heart. I cherish my alone time. I revel in my creative time. I am grateful for my family, my girlfriends, and for the opportunity to share my life with my soulmate.

Thanks for stopping by to read! I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at Laurelle@shoredreamsandbeautifulthings.com

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